Villa Festival (Neofolk e dintorni) a Magione (PG)

domenica 4 settembre 2011 @ Villa Aganoor Pompilj


An annual festival whose aim is to invite artists who will compliment this very special venue, its location and unique history. Event non-profit, not-politics involved ..

Sat. 3 Sept. , evening, outdoor stage:

Hautville (Ita) at 9 pm

Seventh Harmonic (UK, Swe, Esp)

Sol Invictus (UK) at 11 pm

After midnight, indoor stage:

Sieben (UK)

Isthma EL ( Cold Wave Dj Sets from France)

From 6 pm we will talk about the last book of Antonello Cresti (Tsunami Ed.s). At 7 pm Marco Grosso will introduce the conceptual work of Invisible Eye Productions.From 8 pm free wine offered by Cellar Terre del Carpine!


Sunday 4 Sept., afternoon , indoor stage:

Lia Fail ( Ita) from 5 pm, their new album preview, coming soon in Autumn 2011!

Knifeladder (UK)

Andrew King (UK) with John Murphy and Hunter Barr

From 4 pm we will talk & discuss about "Industrial [r]Evolution" a book by G. Rossi (Tsunami Ed.s) and "Ctonia Magazine" ( very last issue )

After the gigs : an extended Dj Set (Neofolk /Industrial/EBM/Electro/80's by V.A.P. & Kikys) 'till you drop! Endriu Fall (Electronic Live Set)

Villa Aganoor Pompilj
Via della Strage 3, Monte del Lago ,
06063, Magione, Perugia, Italy
Tel. 329 11 86 093


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